Video Testimonials

The Power Of Deliverance: Vicki
The Power of Deliverance- Vicki

Check out Vicki’s testimony of Anxiety. Vicki was troubled with fear, anxiety and panic attacks since she was a kid and it impacted her life to the point of being paralyzed fear and anxiety. On a Saturday she decided enough was enough and started praying and worshiping God, through that pray she was given a revelation that she didn’t need to be bond and that she had power and authority over her anxiety. From that point she was able to allow god to transform her and deliver her from her anxiety.
The Power Of Deliverance: Brooke Part 1
The Power of Deliverance- Depression Part 1

In middle school Brooke had panic attacks, anxiety (worry), perfectionist mentality that lead her to fearing every thought that came to her mind. Depression came over her that lead to thoughts of suicide, in result to counselors that only gave her momentary fixes that didn’t last long and ended up with drugs and alcohol. Please watch this two part series that shows how God used people in her life to draw her closer to him and ultimately delivering her from every thought and feeling of depression through showing her his love, mercy, grace, and how to surrender her will. Please watch both Part 1 and Part 2
The Power Of Deliverance: Brooke Part 2
The Power of Deliverance- Depression Part 2

Brooke Pt 2
The Power Of Deliverance: James Part 1
Power of Deliverance -Prison Part 1

James’ story is an influential story on how God changed a rebellious man that ended up in Prison several times for drugs and alcohol to a person that is now an ordained Minister that is living wholeheartedly for God. Please take the time to listen to this powerful testimony on how God showed James that there is more to life than drugs and alcohol, God delivered him from the stresses of Life, drugs/alcohol and rekindle the hope that life is more than drugs and alcohol through reshaping his mind set. This is a Two Part series, please watch both Part 1 and Part 2.
The Power Of Deliverance: James Part 2
Power of Deliverance- Prison Part 2

James Pt 2
My Journey With God – Peggy
" My Journey with God"

“My journey with God” is a powerful story of Peggy’s journey in finding Jesus. Peggy’s testimony goes over the keys of salvation, how to overcome trials and tribulation by living a life through God’s word, in addition to, how God delivered her from cancer. Please check out this life changing testimony.
Compassion For Homosexuality – Jesus
Compassion for Homosexuality

This video is a powerful testimony from Jesus and to promote Alpha Ministry, this ministry helps people that are struggling with same sex attractions. Alpha Ministry is an outreach for homosexuals and transgender that want to be delivered from same sex attractions. Through Jesus’ testimony he talks about how love and compassion is a key elements to reach this community. Please look at alpha ministry website ( to look for further answers and tools to outreach this community.
Miracle Man – Ben
The "Miracle" Man

Ben’s story is an overwhelming story of how God’s healing power is alive today. In a moment of time, Ben’s life changed on a Football field; though through God’s healing power and deliverance Ben’s life is a walking testimony that by “his strips we are healed”. Watch this Video to see why this Video is called “Miracle Man.”
Life In The Lead – Jason
"Life in The Lead"

Jason came through the CIP (Christian Intervention Program) ministry at Calvary Gospel Church. CIP is a ministry that is a 20 week program that allows Huber members to leave the Dane County Jail and attend a Christian based program to overcome lifestyles of drugs, alcohol and etc. Through this program God lead Jason to the keys of salvation (Acts 2:38) and how God changed his life into becoming a person that has a “life in the lead” mentality. Check out this video and see what lead Jason in becoming a influential man of God.
Redemption – Noah
Noah’s testimony is a story of growing up as a rebellious boy that led to jail, drugs and alcohol. Noah talks about “being sick and tired of being sick and tired” and prayed while he was in jail for God to guide his path. Watch this Video to see what God does in Noah’s life to deliver him from the oppression of drugs and alcohol and how God moved in his life that lead him to Redemption.
Having A Bad Day – Jeff
"Having a Bad Day"

Jeff’s story is a heartfelt story of God’s marvelous healing power that is still present today. This message is called “Having a Bad Day.” In Feb, Jeff started the day working on a Ford Truck and as the day went on more situations came up that quickly turned into a day that Jeff and his family will always remember. Through this story, you will gain hope that despite any situation God has the final say and there are miracles that are still happening today, that through fervent faith in God anything is possible. Please watch this video and allow Jeff’s story to bring you hope and faith into your situation.