teenXtreme Ministries is the avenue by which Calvary Gospel Church reaches the young people of Dane County who are in 7th to 12th grade. We introduce them to Christ, help them grow closer to Him, and provide them opportunities to fellowship with other young people who want to live an extreme life for Christ.

Every Sunday morning, the youth of Calvary Gospel Church are challenged in their walk with God through Biblical teaching. They are encouraged to go home and search the scriptures for themselves so that they can study to show themselves approved.

We join the church for all-church prayer once a month and we join the other churches in the surrounding area for a combined youth service and activity afterwards. There is also an additional large event every other month. We always have a blast on Friday nights!


Xtreme Days
Annual youth week held at the end of the summer

Winter Youth Convention
Annual statewide youth convention in December

Youth Camp
Annual statewide youth camp in Shawano, WI during the summer

Youth Congress
Bi-Annual nationwide youth convention in August

Sheaves For Christ (SFC) is the annual fund raising effort of Pentecostal youth around the world. Together we have raised over $90,000,000 to spread the Gospel across the globe.

SFC helps annually to:

  • buy vehicles for missionaries.
  • provide scholarships to Bible Colleges.
  • give property grants of up to $10,000 to Home Missionaries.
  • support statewide youth events and initiatives.