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National Championship

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The road to the National Championship started 7 years ago for this team.  That first year, Margaret Ackah and Clayton Czerniakowski learned about 50 verses for their very first quiz tournament.  After that tournament, they graduated with a pat on the back and a McDonald’s Kids meal in their hands.   Over the next five years, this team struggled to find their sweet spot.  Mental blocks, busy schedules and physical ailments threatened their determination.  Did either of them feel like quitting?  Oh yeah!  However, they continued to learn over 1600 Bible verses and participated in over 250 quiz matches during that time.  Their parents and coaches listened to them quote those verses more than 50,000 times each year.  This year, as they studied the book of Proverbs, it all came together for them.   Although Clayton and Margaret lost three individual games in the in state tournament season, they won all of the tournaments.  In April, they traveled to a regional tournament in Silvas with 38 teams and won that tournament undefeated.  In the final tournament of the season, Clayton and Margaret’s win earned them the honor of representing Wisconsin at the National Tournament as Wisconsin 1.  On the Fourth of July, Clayton and Margaret entered the Tournament of

2015 Junior Bible Quiz Champions

Champions held in Indianapolis. This tournament is a warm up to the national competition.  Only the best teams in each state come to this tournament.  TN, OH, WI, IN, FL, OK, IL, and TX were all represented.  Once again, Clayton and Margaret won this out of state tournament undefeated.   Finally, they traveled the 10 hours to Branson, MO, for the last tournament of the season and their career.  The North American Junior Bible Quizzing Tournament.  Seventy three teams from the US and Canada all competing for the number one trophy.  Clayton and Margaret won six straight games to be the undefeated team after the first round.  In the second round, they lost one quiz to a team from Ohio, but then won their final game.  The 2015 National Championship was theirs with a record of 50-4 for the year!  Clayton was also named Quizzer of the Year.  Congratulations, Clayton and Margaret for representing God, Wisconsin, and Calvary Gospel Church so well.  We are so proud of you!

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