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10 Days Of Prayer & Fasting



When Ye Fast by Joy Haney

When Ye Fast by Joy Haney

Calvary Gospel Church’s Pastor’s John and Roy Grant are encouraging the CGC congregation to join in for 10 Days Of Prayer and Fasting leading up to the Family Crusade on April 28, 2013.
Pastor’s Grant are urging people with house address’s that are odd numbered to focus their prayer on the Family Crusade as well as fast during the 10 days that are add numbered, from April 19th through April 27th.  People with even house numbers are encouraged to pray and fast on even numbered days from April 18th through April 26th.  In the event that you cannot fast an entire day, please focus on a sunup to sundown fast.  We are sure God will bless your efforts and we will see a tremendous outpouring of His Holy Spirit!

An excellent resource on prayer and fasting is the book “When Ye Fast” by Joy Haney.  By clicking on the image you can go directly to the Pentecostal Publishing Website.

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